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What does our logo represent?  What do we as a church stand for? What helps us to remain authentic to who we are as faith-filled and faithful servants of Jesus Christ?  


  • The roots symbolize Ephesians 3:17, "being rooted and grounded in love."  There are three roots symbolizing the Trinity.  (committed, rooted)

  • The three lines coming down from the trunk represent the blood Christ shed for us. It is, however, now cleansed white because of his death on the cross and our subsequent freedom from sin.  (God’s Grace)

  • The cross is in the middle of the growing thriving tree, as the cross is where we are rooted and from which our faith grows.  (Faith)

  • There are slight imperfections in angles of the roots and leaves to symbolize the beauty of imperfection within the Body of Christ, which is why Christians are called to extend Hope & Grace in the church and to the world.  (Service to Others,  authentic purpose, making a difference)

  • The circle around the tree represents the world and our privilege and duty to reach out as far as we can with Christ’s encompassing love for all to see.  (Outreach)

This new logo is an illustration of the church’s mission statement.  It is a vision of who we have been, who we are, and what we will become.  

One Body, One Church, One Community. 


Worship Schedule


8:30am-9am Sacred Grounds 

This is a casual 30 minutes of coffee, donuts, and fellowship to discuss current events and how we view them through the lens of Scripture.  


9am Blended Worship Service 

A blend of contemporary Christian  and traditional hymns fill the sanctuary as our Worship Team brings forth a joyful noise. A Bible-based message is given in a relevant, thought-provoking, and often interactive format. 


10am Sunday School

Lessons taught and designed for each age group from infant through adult.  Challenge yourself, learn, connect, and find purpose. 










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